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Spend 10 minutes with your child anywhere, anytime to nurture their will and skill to read.

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Reading is the root of all academic achievement

There is a strong, proven connection between reading and academic achievement; avid readers have a 14.4% advantage in vocabulary, 9.9% in mathematics, and 8.6% in spelling.

Reading builds global perspectives

It enables us to see the connections in the world, get curious and build bridges between communities.

Good readers make great leaders

The one habit successful people have in common is that of reading. Research proves they manage better teams, earn more and are eternal learners.

Reading makes us kinder, better people

Reading helps us look beyond ourselves and exercise empathy. The power of reading is truly transformational.

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There is a Science

Start Early

Age 3 to class 3 is the magical window to fall in love with reading

Systematic Approach

Skills and concepts are taught in a planned, logically progressive sequence

Sustained Effort

The sweet, sweet fruits of success come only with time!


Freadom brings together the parent and the child for a neat 10-minute bundle of fun. Each age appropriate activity, designed by our team of experts, is supported by unique multimedia resources, hand crafted stories and engaging activities that keep getting better and better.


Engaging age appropriate activities to nurture will & skill to read.


Become a word champ & master of English with vocabulary games.


Listen to original, carefully recorded stories and do activities around them.


Improve english comprehension skills with handcrafted multimedia resources.

News Freads

Age appropiate news for kid, fit to their reading level delivered daily.

Freados & Leaderboard

Do activities in the app & win prizes on topping the leaderboard.

Experience IT

Freadom is designed for parents of kids in grades Nursery to 5 to nurture happy readers at home

Spend 10 minutes with your child anywhere, anytime to nurture their will and skill to read

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Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

Vera Nazarian